4oz. Fight Club - Heavy Hitters

4oz. Fight Club - Heavy Hitters

In every sport there are people that seem end up on top, but what gets them there is often unseen. MMAWIN.COM visited 4oz. Fight Club in Houston, TX on an average Wednesday night and found that it just may be the team spirit that pushes their fighters higher in the ranks.

Any team needs leaders and 4oz. Fight Club has plenty actively training hard in the cage like Alex "Bet on" Black.

Over in the ring Derrick "The Black Beast" Lewis trains his stand up with his team mates led by striking coach Kru Bob Perez.

A glimpse over to Derrick after a hard ass workout can give you a sick feeling knowing that he isn't even breathing hard yet. I feel bad for the guy looking across the ring at him come fight night.

Larry "Tae Kwon" Crowe takes a deep breath after striking, grabs the special jelly beans and then steps into the cage for some grappling and ground work.

A few moments later the Muay Thai class starts as the voice of Mike "The Truth" Jackson trains and helps coach Kru Bob push the team. As kicks hit their targets Mike gets even more enthusiastic. I spoke with Mike a bit and found that all the guys do everything they can to push each other.

Bobby Powers training hard with Kru Bob.

If you are going to pick a path to getting your hand raised in the cage then 4oz. Fight Club in Houston, TX is a group you really want to check out.

4oz. Fight Club
10541 FM 1960 Road West, Houston, TX 77070
(281) 477-7877

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