BJJ Book Club: BJJ Techniques to Defeat Bigger and Stronger Opponents by Dan Faggella

BJJ Book Club: BJJ Techniques to Defeat Bigger and Stronger Opponents by Dan Faggella

Ever had the dream of winning an open weight BJJ competition, but feel you are just too small to compete with the bigger guys in your age group? Well, that is something that Dan Faggella has been able to do for the last couple of years. He truly is a master of what he preaches in this book, and if you want proof of that search Dan Faggella versus the Giant on Youtube. Faggella looks to easily be almost 100 pounds lighter than his 240 pound opponent, but he only takes 12 seconds to lock in a toe-hold and secure himself a third place medal in the expert absolute division.

A lot of his moves rely on using leg locks, toe-holds, and other type of moves of that nature, but it is to be expected. When you are competing against guys that have the same skill set as you but are way bigger there is not reason to try to armbar, triangle choke, or kimura against them. With the kimura and armbar, they can get out on strength alone, and with the triangle choke it is doubtful a smaller guy could lock that move up on opponents with wide backs.

This book can help anyone better their game, but the targeted audience is in the title. This is for smaller BJJ practitioners who are looking to learn how to submit bigger opponents, bottom line. Every move, technique, and principle in this book is geared toward taking out a Goliath when you are David. That is not to say that it is a bad book. No, this book is great. It gives great picture tutorials along with every move, gives great techniques that don’t rely on strength, and can help keep smaller rollers off the bottom when going against bigger guys while just training.

Even if you are a bigger roller it would be a great read, because it will allow you to see what smaller opponents may use against you. When big guys roll against smaller opponents they think it will be a breeze due to the size and strength difference, but that is not the case if they have read this book. So, be prepared for anyone to surprise you in an absolute tournament. These are the techniques that lead Dan Faggella to become an IBJJF champion at the brown belt level and to win multiple Expert Absolute divisions in NAGA tournaments.

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