BJJ Mantra: No Space; No Escape

BJJ Mantra: No Space; No Escape

This mantra is closely related to control the head control the body, but “No Space; No Escape” is an important phrase to keep in mind no matter what position you end up in. This mantra applies to you cutting out all the space your opponent will use to escape from any given position.

Whether you are on their back, in mount, in guard, or in side control, you want to take away your opponent’s space. As discussed last week, in side control or half-guard you do this by controlling their head, but you may wonder how you would do this from the back, mount or guard. Well, those go back to relying on the first mantra we talked about with “Position over Submission”.

In back, you want to properly wrap your legs along their inner thigh but do not cross your feet. In guard on bottom, you want to move your butt off the ground when they try to create pressure by sticking their knee into you butt, and reversely you want to stick you knee in your opponent’s butt when trying to break their guard. From mount, it is important to maintain the position whether you are sitting high or riding low by either trapping their legs or putting your weight on them to keep the position.

The option of having space is what keeps you from effectively gaining an advantage in a BJJ match. Your opponent uses that space for reversals and you need to take it away to make sure you win the match. When all else fails and if you are behind on points use the same mantra to win the match at all cost.

Do not think this mantra only applies to positions though, because you can also use it when putting someone in a submission. Think about it because when applying a triangle, armbar, or choke from any position the reason you do not finish the move is because your opponent escapes. It is hard to lock on a submission with 100% finishing accuracy, but there are small things you can do to finish a move properly. Most of them time this includes moving your body to take out the space left for your opponent to breath. With no space to breath, there will be no escape from the submission, which means your opponent will only be left with the option of tapping.

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