The Business of BJJ

The Business of BJJ

A lot of people apply the techniques of focus, dedication, and strength that they learn in BJJ into their personal life, but what if I told you that you could apply techniques from your personal life into the world of BJJ? Well, the business of BJJ is taking philosophies that are commonly taught in the world of business and applying them to your training.

In the world of business, you have to always be multitasking. Most days when I worked retail, I had to stock product, make sales, call customers, check on product delivery, and much more all at the same time. This is something I had to do almost everyday, and you can apply that mentality to your BJJ. Most people get focused on one thing whether it be a submission, passing the guard, or establishing mount, but they leave themselves open or susceptible to a reversal or their opponent’s submission. You have to master the ability of multitasking, so if you are trying to choke your opponent you are still actively working to maintain position, work to further your position, or even setting up another move.

No Breaks
Yes, it may be unlawful to not be given a break in any sort of business, but for the people that want to make it to the top they chose not to take one. This applies to BJJ in two ways. First, when you are rolling try not to take breaks. It is okay to catch your breath, but you need to constantly be working. This way you do not allow your opponent the space to start working his game and keep him on the defensive. Secondly, no taking breaks from training. Yes, sometimes we get injuries, but as long as they are not too severe you should continue to workout in any capacity. Positions like half-guard only came about because people trained when their knee was hurt. Obviously, do not do anything that is going to injury you more, so if you can’t roll maybe just practice technique. At the end of the day, taking breaks can slow your climb to the top into a crawl.

Study the Best
In the business world most people have mentors. No matter how good you are, you have to study to become the best. Everyone has their trainers, but just like in school, you have more than just your teachers. I am not advocating going onto youtube to study, but that does have its merits as well. No, there are books, instructional videos, DVDs of tournaments, and that much more out there for people to absorb. A lot of people say to be the best you have to train like the best, but it is also worth noting what you can learn through just watching as well.

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