Enhance Your Game: Exhaustion Rolling

Enhance Your Game: Exhaustion Rolling

The game of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is all about technique, because no matter how strong you are, technique will always win in the heat of the fire. So, what happens when you use strength a lot? How do you learn to use technique and to rely on it? Well, that comes in to play with exhaustion rolling.

Exhaustion rolling is exactly what it sounds like, because it is rolling longer than your body would like and after it tells you to stop. This is where strength dissipates and even the fast rollers have to slow down. A lot of time it comes down to just being on top to give you enough energy to keep moving, but there is a lot of advantageous to using this to enhance your game.

As previously mentioned, exhaustion rolling will help you enhance your technique. Gone are the sweeps where you are muscling your opponent to his back, gone are the armbars pulled off by pure strength, and you will really have to fight to get someone off of mount when you don’t have the energy to fight. This type of rolling also makes your submissions that much tighter, because if you can pull off an armbar from guard when you are dead tired you can pull it off when you have energy.

This does not always have good effects. If you are tired generally your opponent is tired too, and that means that they do not have energy to fight off a submission. So, if you are not using proper technique you may still get a move and pull it off since your opponent is too tired to fight it off. In any type of training there is always going to be good and bad, and in a real life situation you are not always going to be full of energy.

At the end of the day, BJJ is still a self defense, and you cannot always expect your body to have a full gas tank, so exhaustion rolling helps in real life situations. Even though you would never wish for someone to have to fight for their life, with exhaustion rolling you will know you are ready to defend yourself no matter how tired you are.

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