Enhance Your Game: Flow Rolling

Enhance Your Game: Flow Rolling

Have you ever been rolling and been put in a position that you just do not know what to do and you have no clue on how you got there? Well, there are obvious ways to stop that, but one type of rolling that can help you get better at that is flow rolling. Some people want to call it snapshot rolling, because you move like snapshots of a camera. I depict it more to a chess match, because you take a move, then your partner, then you take a move, and so on for as long as you want to go.

This type of rolling is not for the people that want to move at 100 percent for the full round. No, this is for you to see how to counter and adjust when you partner has you in a bad position. There is two ways that you can flow roll. The first is as described before where you take one move at a time. The advantage to this is that you get to slow things down, there is no power, and each person is reacting to what is going on. In this type of roll there is no submissions since you are going so slow.

The negative is that it does not imitate a real match, because both people are working at a pace that is not realistic and waiting to react to each other’s move. The second way is more efficient, because you do not wait around for a move but you work at a slowed pace. It is still flow rolling since you are working off movement, no power, and just trying to train different positions, but you are not creating a fake roll by slowing yourself too much.

When you work more off of feel you do not fight for submission, you just apply them and move off of them just as quick. That way it shows your opponent the mistake they made, but it does not expend either person’s energy trying to defend or lock it out. Then you move in and out of position, try new moves, or go for sweeps you are afraid to try when someone is always going for the kill. This type of rolling is not for everyone and it may be too much for people that have not been training that long, but it is good for people that have trained for a while or are thinking to compete.

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