Enhance Your Game: Limited Rolling

Enhance Your Game: Limited Rolling

Sometimes the best way to up your game is to limit what you can do. A lot of times you will see someone holding their belt with one hand, and you may wonder what they are doing. Well, that is one form of limited rolling. You are taking away one of your weapons, so that you can learn to fight without it. This is an older form of limited rolling that does not really work too much. In most cases it is just taking away a tool, and it my eyes it does not really help you learn anything.

The most it can do is to make you learn to move more from the bottom without having a hand to create space with. The way that I like to limit my rolling is with taking both of my hands out of the equation. This does not mean that you cannot use them, but you are not allowed to put them on your opponent. What that means is not head control with the arm, no pressure when passing guard, or even shooting for a takedown as they move away. Some of you may be asking why I would do this? Well, it actually has huge benefits to how you keep pressure and move your body.

I use this a lot when matched up with a white belt or when rolling with a girl. In the case of the girl my strength is obviously too much and the white belt is devoid of technique. When not using your hands you have to learn how to move your body to keep control of your opponent. This has helped me be more dynamic in my movement like taking back from side control, and it teaches you to push the pace when you can’t stall out with pressure.

The task of braking guard without your hands sounds daunting, but it is actually a fun endeavor when tried. The only times I use my hands is when I am being choked in these scenarios. Also, when you are in side control to avoid using you hands you place them on the mat in most scenarios, and that way you do not have to worry about losing balance. This is just an idea for limited rolling, and if you feel holding the belt works for you than go for it. I use this type since it helps me in the areas I am weak in, and getting better at BJJ is all about strengthening your weaknesses.

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