Evangelista "Cyborg" Santos Seminar

Evangelista "Cyborg" Santos Seminar

Evangelista "Cyborg" Santos recently held a seminar at Victor Pozas Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and we were there to participate. Known for his amazing striking it was no doubt a great seminar lasting over 2 hours. What I took away will help my ground game and striking game no doubt.

Students that participated in the Muay-Thai part of the seminar.

Students that participated in the grappling part of the seminar.

We created a short video of some of the seminar but decided to show only parts of some of the more advanced moves. Our reason is that you really need to go to the seminar to learn the proper way to execute the more advanced moves properly.

Picture with Evangelista "Cyborg" Santos and Victor Pozas

After the event we had Victor Pozas add his school sticker to the MMAWIN.COM Mini Cooper.

We learned at dinner that night that Evangelista "Cyborg" Santos will be taking over the current Gold Team MMA location in Sugar Land, it will be renamed Chute Boxe Team Cyborg. We plan to follow up with Team Cyborg when they officially open on April 4, 2015.

Chute Boxe Team Cyborg
9750 S Highway 6, Suite 105 B
Sugar Land, Texas 77498
832 243 6821

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