Even In Retirement Din Thomas Makes MMA His Career

Even In Retirement Din Thomas Makes MMA His Career

Din Thomas is a pioneer for the modern sport of mma. The former UFC lightweight recently announced his retirement from the sport after a 15 year career. Thomas started in martial arts at five years old, but admits that it was the first two UFC events that sparked his true interest in the sport.

“I watched the first two but after UFC three I knew I had to learn how to fight,” said Thomas. “I didn't have a real gym to train at so I would buy video tapes and learn at home. I’d attended seminars whenever I could. I was obsessed with learning.”

“Dinyero,” has had a long, and legendary, run in mixed martial arts. He helped pave the way by adding a full arsenal to his MMA game. He was one of the first to be a well-rounded competitor. His career has had plenty of ups and downs, but Thomas claims that it was the perfect job for him.

“I loved fighting professionally,” Said Thomas. “Competing against other guys that went through the same struggle that I had was the best job in the world. I remember walking into cages or rings and thinking, this is the best feeling in the world. There was no where I would rather be than inside that cage.” Getting in the cage may be in “Dinyero’s” past, but he has found a way to keep fighting in his life, as a career.

“Since just retiring, I am focusing on my new company, www.mmascoutingreport.com. We will scout opponents for fighters with fights coming up,” said Thomas. “We will also scout the fighter and give the best strategies, game plans, and techniques that you can use to win that fight. Additionally, I still have my school, American Top Team Treasure Coast in Jensen Beach, Fl.”

The MMA veteran has now shifted focus to the training and development of young fighters. His website mmascoutingreport.com, and his gym in Jensen Beach, FL allow him to fine tune the physical aspects of their game. Though these aspects are very important, Thomas also believes that fighters need to develop a strong mental game, both in and out of the cage.

“The downside of being a fighter is being objectified by the fans, promoters, etc. People sometimes forget you are a person and you go through the same things that other people do. They forget that you have bad days, aren't perfect, and actually are doing what you are doing for yourself, not them,” said Thomas. “All aspiring fighters need to develop thick skin. You will have just as many bad times as good, maybe more.”

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