Five Grappling Super League kicks off at Studio 540 (Recap + Photos)

Five Grappling Super League kicks off at Studio 540 (Recap + Photos)

FIVE Grappling kicked off their latest project this past weekend with the inaugural FIVE Grappling Super League event taking place at Studio 540 in Solano Beach, CA. Put together by the FIVE crew led by Dayan Henson and Riccardo Ammendolia in concert with Robert Zepps of Studio 540, this event is the latest aimed at professionalizing high-level jiujitsu.

The first rendition of the professional grappling invitational featured two eight competitor divisions, one for males and one for females. True to their commitment of providing an equal platform for both sexes, FIVE Grappling put out a bounty of $17,500 on the men's side and the exact same amount for the females with the winner of both categories getting a cool 10k for their efforts while 2nd and 3rd took home $5,000 and $2,500 respectively.

With that much money on the line, the competitors certainly came out to play.

Above and beyond the tournament brackets, 5SL also featured two superfights as well with Keenan Cornelius taking on Otavio Sousa and Garry Tonon taking on Joao Miyao.


On the men’s side, it was Team Lloyd Irvin’s Tim Spriggs winning the whole thing with some serious competition coming from Yuri Simoes in the final. Here’s how the matches brown down:

• Lucas Rocha beat Ezra Lenon, 6-0
• Yuri Simoes beat James Puopolo 4-0 with 2 takedowns.
• Tim Spriggs beat Bruno Bastos ref division.
• Tim Spriggs beat Lucas Rocha 4-2. (great match, Rocha gave him all.)
• Yuri Simoes beat Joao Assis by Ref decision. (another close one)
• Joao Assis beat Lucas Rocha 4-2 for third place.
• Tim Spriggs beat Yuri Simoes 2-0 for the win.

On the women’s side, Mackenzie Dern displayed her dominance in winning all 3 of her bouts by submission to win the whole thing. Here’s how the brackets played out:

• Nyjah Rollins over Leanna Detreich by ref decision.
• Fabiana Borges beat Chelsea Leah Bainbridge-Donner 2-0.
• Karen beat Luiza Monteiro by armbar.
• Mackenzie Dern beat Tammi Musumeci with a bow and arrow choke.
• Mackenzie beat Fabiana Borges by kneebar.
• Karen Antunes beat Nyjah Rollins 3-0.
• Nyjah Rollins beat Fabiana Borges 4-0 for third place.
• Mackenzie Dern beat Karen Antunes by toehold for first place.


Keenan defeated Otavio Sousa with several timely takedowns to win their superfight by points.
Garry Tonon beat Joao Miyao by ref decision in a nail biter. Tonon showed his prowess by attacking heel hooks relentlessly while Miyao displayed patience and resiliency in defending those while trying to take the back for his own subs. In the end it came down to Garry’s aggression dictating the pace of the match that resulted in his getting the win.

Overall great first super fight event for FIVE Grappling. Look forward to more from this league in the future.

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