Following the Fighters pt. 1

Following the Fighters pt. 1

The beginning of the year is a perfect time to create for oneself a list of future failures. In fact, it’s customary. You may think it’s a bit pessimistic of me to say, but I like to look at it as being realistic. The statistics seem to agree with my view of the tradition; an overwhelming 92% of the resolutions people make annually are never achieved.

On Christmas day I was sending the usual holiday greetings and found an interesting trend in my more adventurous peers. Almost every one of my training partners sent a reply containing a glimpse of their excitement for the next year. “Let’s get ready to turn up this year!” was probably the closest to matching my sentiments about 2014.

I’m not typically one to make a big deal of celebrating things on designated holidays. I don’t need no stinkin’ ball dropping to tell me to get my ducks in a row. For whatever reason there’s a noticeable sense of optimism surrounding the year 2014. It might be that every seemingly bad thing that happened in 2013 turned into something absolutely positive. It might be that I’ve gained a morel positive outlook in general over the last few years. Whatever the case, I know one thing to be a fact: to make the year as great as we all hope it to be, we have to work at it.

The best place to start is with the subject I know best: myself. Over the last year, I’ve been in the octagon helping others get through fight camps. In the process, I’ve picked up a few skills, as well as the desire to dive into the competition myself. Early on in the first fight camp, I toyed with the idea of taking an amateur fight but didn’t really put much effort into making it happen. I’ve decided this year to change that. This year my goal is to compete at least every other month and to be in some type of grappling competition every month. I’ll use the tournaments as a way to hone my grappling skills and absorb as much knowledge as possible from Coach Alex Cisne and my peers when it comes to striking.

At Gracie Barra Katy, my local gym, there’s a large variety of athletes who come to the sport with different intentions and varying levels of dedication. I would like to use this space to follow a handful of these athletes and their experiences throughout the year. The idea is that we are all people suffering from essentially the same struggles with resistance in accomplishing goals, constantly trying to overcome the tempting embrace of couch-lock, the siren call of succulent foods, and the welcoming draw of a social life. It’s well known that when you are held accountable for your goals by others, it’s far more likely that you will see them completed.

What are some of your goals you’re looking to accomplish this year? Leave a comment or feel free to chat it up in the forums.

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