Gracie Barra hit Sugar Land

Gracie Barra hit Sugar Land

This past weekend I had the pleasure of going to the grand opening of Gracie Barra Sugar Land. It’s a beautiful academy owned by Professor Brian Marvin, located in the heart of Sugar Land Texas. Prof. Brian holds a black belt under Carlos Gracie Jr and has been a black belt 2011; just recently he received his first degree. He spent his time training in New Mexico with Prof. Roberto “Tussa” Alencar, as well as in Tennessee with Prof. Samuel Braga. Prof. Brian recently moved to Houston, Texas and started training at Gracie Barra Katy, were he taught some classes and trained with the students. Shortly after that, he started teaching at Gracie Barra Westchase with Prof. Ulpiano Malachias. This past weekend he was finally able to open his very own academy right here in Sugar Land.

For the first official class at GB Sugar Land I have to admit it was a good one. We had the pleasure of two Black belts on the mats teaching us amazing techniques as well as training with us. One of the things I like about Gracie Barra is the structure of how classes are run. You can go to any Gracie Barra in the world and they are run the same for the most part, same warm up before class and the same curriculum is followed on the weekly bases. We’re all on the same team and it feels like family when training at different GB gyms.

(Prof. Brain and Prof Inacio warming up the students before class.)

One of the techniques that Prof. Brian taught is one of his all time favorites. If you ever rolled with him you can agree with me, that he has submitted you with this move. It’s basically a darce choke utilizing the collar. He starts the sequence by sweeping his partner and coming up for the knee slice pass, then he holds this position and maintains the cross grip on the collar.

(Prof. Brian demonstrating the technique)

As he sets his cross grip even deeper into his partners collar and brings his free hand to the other side of his partner’s neck to threaten the cross choke. His oponent will react to this by bringing his hand up to defend the choke, Prof. Brian counters this by grabbing the arm and bringing it across his partners neck then holds the head and adds pressure for the submission. It’s a great move and like I said, he hits it on everybody.

After an hour of class, we had open mats. It’s was a great time and very cool to see Prof. Brian open his own school. They had a great turn out and a lot of people came from different gyms to show their support. I was able to get world class teaching and train with awesome guys on the mats. They gave us plenty to time to drill our techniques and work out the kinks, along with plenty of time after class for live training or more drilling.

(Chad working to pass the guard)

(Prof. Inacio working a triangle choke)

If your ever in Sugar Land stop by, say hello, and train. The academy is located on 3527 Highway 6, Suite 240 Sugar Land, Texas near the Williams Trace Shopping Center. Feel free to walk in and speak with Prof. Brian or Mh’mmd Yalla Yalla, the program director, and they will set you with what you need. I really enjoyed my time here and look forward to many more training sessions here in Sugar Land.

Gracie Barra Sugar Land
3527 Highway 6 Suite 240 Sugar Land, TX 77478

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