How to Keep Your Gis Clean

How to Keep Your Gis Clean

How to Wash BJJ Gis

No Gis should ever be put in hot water, so make sure you wash all of them in a cold cycle. Hot water and Dryers can shrink a Gi or deteriorate the material, and that is why even if it is pre-shrunk it can still reduce how long the Gi will last. There are other tips to follow even when using a cold cycle.

.1 Do not use abrasive detergent as it can weaken the fabric fibers of your Gi, and that is why many people recommend Woolite when washing your gear.
.2 Turn Gis inside out to reduce wear and tear.
.3 Fabric softener to reduce stiffness in your Gi.

Fabric softener to reduce stiffness in your Gi.

Keeping White Gis White
Keeping white Gis white are important especially in a sport as dirty as Jiu Jitsu. From dirt to blood everything will stay on your Gi if you do not know how to keep it white. So, check out all the things you can add to your load to do so. This is a list with what each things will do to your Gi along with how much you should add to each load. Do not use all in one load. Only use one at a time, but try different methods since they will work better on different Gis.

Vinegar - 1 cup
Keeps it white, kills bacteria, and softens Gi. Spray on stains before wash for extra help.

Baking Soda - 1/2 cup
Helps whiten, freshen, eliminates stench, and soften your Gi. Mix with water to make paste to apply to stains before wash as well.

Hydrogen Peroxide(3%) - 1/2 cup
White and removes stains.

Dishwasher Detergent(Non-Chlorine) - 1/4 cup
Whitens Gi.

Dark Color Gi Maintenance

These are the product you can use when washing colored Gis to keep them from fading. All these can be used at one time in a wash.

White Vinegar - 1 cup
Kills bacteria and soften Gis.

Black Coffee - 2 pots
Best way to kill stench on Gis and helps to retain color. Will not leave a smell.

Woolite Extra Dark Care
Best way to keep Gis full of color. Follow directions on package.

How to Dry a Gi
You should almost always hang dry a Gi. As discussed before putting a Gi in anything overly hot can shrink it or deteriorate the material. Do not use your dryer for white or colored Gis. There are ways to make this process go quicker though. Here are some tips for how to perfect hang drying your Gis.

.1 Put your Gis in direct sunlight. Sunlight is filled with ultraviolet light(UV rays) which kill bacteria and will do the same for your Gis. Putting them in dark areas will make them take longer to dry. If you live somewhere that is not sunny a sun lamp will work as well, but not close enough where the heat will fry the Gi.
.2 If you do leave your Gi near a window, you can op[en the window to let a breeze dry the Gi off quicker.

.3 The last tip is that if you are worried about your Gi being dry in time for class just buy more than one Gi. Not the cheapest idea, but it will make your Gis last longer.

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