Jonatas "Rattinho" Eliaquim

Jonatas "Rattinho" Eliaquim

One of the biggest sports facilities in Houston, Texas called O Athletik now has 3rd degree black belt Jonatas "Rattinho" Eliaquim heading up the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program so we just had to make a visit. The O Athletik facility is beyond nice not to mention huge at over 35,000 sq ft of the latest fitness technology. With 76 different classes offered during the day it gives the athlete boundless opportunities to train.

Jonatas "Rattinho" Eliaquim explains that the facility offers him the ability to train harder and better than he has ever trained before. I never had the pleasure of meeting "Rattinho" before but after a few minutes with him he had us enjoying the interview with laughs about some of his stories. Kind hearted but all business on the mats it is a joy to have him right in our backyard here in Houston, TX.

The classes are growing quickly and there is no doubt the competition team will be a force to deal with a tournaments.

O Athletik
767 N. Shepherd
Houston, Texas 77007
(713) 320-2450

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