MMA End of Year Awards: The Fights

MMA End of Year Awards: The Fights

In this two part article we will be going over all of the end of the year awards here at MMAWIN in the first part of the article we will be covering the fights from Event to Robbery of the Year. Remember that all of these awards are opinion and up for friendly discussion, so hit the comments section if you believe we got it wrong.

Event of the Year: Ultimate Fight Night 32
Not the most star-studded event but a great night for finishes. Think about this, the event had not one but two head kick knockouts and two submissions due to punches. Those are two finishes rarely seen, but to have two of each on one card is amazing. Plus, as sad as it is, this was the first time that Dan Henderson’s chin was bested, and that alone makes it a poignant event in MMA history.

Fight of the Year: Eddie Alvarez vs. Michael Chandler II
Not all the best fights happen in the UFC, and after the last year that Eddie Alvarez had this fight was one to marvel at. Alvarez was coming off an extended layoff and fighting an opponent he previously lost to. In the end, Alvarez was able to recapture his title from Michael Chandler in a fight that rivals their first match and possibly beats it.

Submission of the Year: Anthony Pettis vs. Benson Henderson
Pettis is hailed as a great striker, and he did hurt Henderson before the submission but the bottom line is he took Henderson out where he felt the most comfortable. Many people only saw Pettis winning this by decision or finishing it with strikes, but he destroyed people’s perception when he locked on the fight ending armbar.

Knockout of the Year: Demetrious Johnson vs. Joseph Benavidez
While there may be more exciting knockouts throughout the year, this knockout said a lot about the character of a fighter. Johnson was a dominant champion, but people started to pick him apart for his decision filled record. He flatlined the critics and Benvidez with a well-timed punch, and it is even more important since a year ago he only captured a split decision his opponent.

Come from Behind Win of the Year: Cat Zingano vs. Miesha Tate
People have forgotten about this fight since Zingano’s injury and Tate’s title shot, but it was very one sided until the final round. Tate was picking apart Zingano and having her way with her on the ground. In epic fashion, Zingano came out with nothing to lose in the third and final round, and she bested Tate with only about two minutes left in the frame.

Upset of the Year: Chris Weidman vs. Anderson Silva I
This is a no-brainer. In one corner, you have the most dominant champion who has defended his title more times the the challenger has even fought. That did not stop Weidman from turning out the P4P champions lights in less than two rounds to capture the Middleweight crown.

Robbery of the Year: Francis Carmont vs. Lorenz Larkin
A high-profile fight like Jones vs. Gustafsson or St.-Pierre vs. Hendricks would be an easy choice for the worst decision of the year, but on second viewing those fights were a lot closer than the first time people watched them. No matter how many times you watch this fight, it is nearly impossible to see how Carmont won. While Carmont did get two takedowns in the fight, that was about all he did. Plus, one takedown came with very few seconds left in the second round, and when he got the takedown in the third, he was almost finished with a kimura. The striking came out with Carmont landing a total of twelve strikes throughout the whole fight. How he won that fight only the judges know.

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