The Points of Competition

The Points of Competition

For people who train in BJJ and want to compete, it is important to know what the points are in competition. There are tournaments that are submission only, but those are far and few between. The main tourney runners like IBJJF and NABJJF run off a points system. The first rule to know is that all positions must be held for a complete three seconds, and if your opponent can move out within those three seconds all your hard work does not count.

Takedown- 2 Points
A takedown is defined as when an athlete completes an action that drops his opponent on his side, butt, back, or drops him to his knees and takes position behind him from standing. If you try to go for a takedown, but are swept immediately you will not receive points. The person that completed the sweep gets the points.

Sweep- 2 Points
A sweep will only be considered a sweep when the person applying it is in some form of guard. Guard is defined as using your feet and legs to keep distance away from your opponent or to stop them from moving to side-control. You can either be on your side, back, or butt for a sweep. If you perform a sweep and transition out of guard then you will be awarded points for both moves as long as you fulfill the requirements for each move.

Guard Pass- 3 Points
Obviously a guard pass must be made when you are in the guard. As the person applying the guard pass, you have to move completely away from the legs to side-control or to the north-south position. If you go directly to mount you will be awarded points for both the guard pass and taking mount. Alternatively, if your opponent can get to their knees or reestablish guard within three seconds you are not awarded any points.

Knee On Belly- 2 Points
This is a position that must be held for three seconds with you knee on your opponents belly. Your hands must also be on your opponent’s belt with one hand, and on their sleeve or lapel with the other for complete control.

Mount- 4 Points
Mount is seen as when you are on your opponent’s torso with your head facing his. If your legs are on your opponents legs or feet it will not count, because you need to have your feet or knees on the ground or on your opponents arms. If Mount is established from a triangle from guard, you will be awarded the sweep points only unless you go to the verified mount position.

Back Control- 4 Points
Back control will only be awarded points if the person has his ankles against his opponents inner thighs with their chest along the back.

Some competitions do give what they call advantage points. Those points are awarded to fighters who have their opponent in a submission attempt that is close, and at the same time they can be given negative advantage points for stalling the match. Not all tournaments use these, but are used when the match ends in a draw. Whoever has the most advantage points or if they have negative points will be the winner and loser respectively. These are the points of BJJ competitions.

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