Positional Breakdown: The Back Mount

Positional Breakdown: The Back Mount

Every Joe Schmo that has ever watch an MMA fight always complains when the fighter has taken his opponent’s back and they cannot finish. What those weekend warriors do not know is that it is hard to finish a fight from that position. Your opponent if they only want to can focus on just defending the chokes while the person on the back has to maintain the position while trying to slip their arm under their opponent’s chin. So for you beginning rollers, here are some techniques you can use to escape or secure the win depending on what side of the back mount you are in.

For the people who have the back mount, you have officially gotten to one of the most dominate positions anywhere in BJJ. Some people will argue that the mount is more advantageous, but that is more a preference depending on what you are able to maintain better. If you are holding someone’s back you have to remember to never cross your feet, because if you opponent is smart enough they can take you out when you do so. The most basic thing to do from this position is the rear-naked choke, but I am more of a fan of a cross choke.

With the Gi in the way and your opponent fighting it, it may be hard to sink your arm underneath their chin. What is easier is to lock your hand under since it can worm its way across. Once across, you want to get a deep bite in their lapel with your thumb on the inside of the Gi. A lot of people profess to grab your wrist with your free hand and push your forearm into the neck while pulling back with the choke. The best way, for me, is with your free hand to grab the cuff of your opposite arms’ sleeve, because that way you can turn your arm for more torque into their neck. This is the most effective choke that I have applied, because it makes a lot of people nervous and forget to try and escape.

If someone has your back, you are in a world of trouble, but do not give up because the fight is not over. The number one thing for you is to defend the choke. Regardless of if you can get out, if someone can choke you out the match is over. The first thing I like to do is roll over to my stomach and tuck my chin since it makes it harder for your opponent. Then you can roll to a hip, push down on one leg, and pull your through to get out of back mount. You can try to work to take them down, go to half-guard, or try to get full guard. There is many different ways to get someone off your back, but some are more effective than others.

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