Revolution Dojo - Katy, Texas

Revolution Dojo - Katy, Texas

Jeff and Veronica Messina of Revolution Dojo located in Katy, Texas are amongst a breed of brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioners that always have a solid following at competitions. I contacted professor Jeff Messina to see if I could make a visit to Revolution Dojo in order to take some pictures and learn a bit about the programs they have. Now I am not saying Jeff Messina is ugly but he is definitely mean looking on all levels. Do not judge a book by the cover because he is super approachable and very nice. I arrived at Revolution Dojo on a Wednesday night for one of the competition classes, Jeff welcomed me and told me to make myself at home.

The kids class was finishing up and Jeff was watching over some of the rolling that the kids were doing. Talk about excited, these kids loved rolling with each other and I noticed that they were very aware of the fact that they are a team so they helped each other during the rolling session which I thought was pretty unique to see in kids.

The adults class was next and professor Jeff Messina and his wife Veronica demonstrated each technique before the students drilled each technique. At about the halfway mark of the class Jeff Messina started teaching some really cool deep half-guard transition to choke techniques that pretty much made me want to drop the camera and join in. Five minutes later professor asked why I did not bring my gi and I was kicking myself for not doing so. I continued to watch as the students were taught very specific techniques. As the students drill professor Messina was very attentive and helped correct anything he saw a student doing wrong.

Veronica Messina giving tips to students as they drill the move.

Take downs before the tap outs.

The attention to detail that Revolution Dojo is instilling into the student can be seen when they start free rolling as moves are being done with a high level of patience.

The big guy has cool moves and can transition like a guy two weight classes lower.

I really enjoyed getting a first look at Revolution Dojo and I plan to follow up soon to check out the other programs they have going on like Muay Thai, Boxing, MMA and even a Self Defense program. Thank you professor Jeff Messina for welcoming me and we will see you soon.

Revolution Martial Arts & Fitness
414 West Grand Parkway Suite #197 Katy, Texas 77494

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