Saulo Flores - Gracie Barra

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Deciding what you will do in life for some can be difficult, but for Saulo Flores of Gracie Barra Westchase the choice to make brazilian jiu-jitsu a career has been made. Saulo currently trains very hard on a daily basis under professor Ulpiano Malachias and this training is paying of in many ways. I had the chance to see Saulo Flores win gold recently in his division at the 2014 IBJJF Houston Open and I knew that what I had been hearing about this fighter was true.

Companies are now even looking at him to help their brand representation with sponsorships. is one of the companies that Saulo is currently representing in competitions he is winning on a regular basis. Finding an athlete that can represent your brand on the mat as well as off the mat can be difficult, but I decided he would be the first sponsored fighter representing MMAWIN.COM on the podium.

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