Sport Injuries: Struggles, Recovery, and Getting Back Into Your Sport

Sport Injuries: Struggles, Recovery, and Getting Back Into Your Sport

Injuries can come at any time, seriously, any time, especially at your best inconvenience. The past two years I suffered from two major injuries, keeping me from participating in my sports. There were times when I thought I would never fight again, and it was a very hard time for me, not just the pain of the injury but the struggles I had mentally, not to mention the rehabilitation process.

Last year I tore a tendon in my shoulder that disconnected my bicep from my shoulder. I needed surgery on it if I wanted to keep fighting. I had no use of my shoulder, and it felt as if someone was constantly stabbing me. Not only was it painful but I was angry at myself for this. I was stuck in a sling for six weeks and no exercise. My mind wasn't mentally where it needed to be, so I started watching motivational videos to stay optimistic. Eventually I got back to where I wanted to be through excruciating rehab and patience.

I broke my leg in October of this year, and I went through the same problems I faced with my shoulder. The pain keeping me up at night, watching my dad and brother work out while I just sat there, and taking bone density supplements to try and heal the bone. When I finally got out of the bulky boot the doctor assigned me, I eased into my exercise, being careful not to hurt it, building the muscle back slowly. Now, my legs are almost as they were before.

The most important thing to do with an injury is to take it slow and listen to your doctor. Stay optimistic and remember that you WILL get back into your sport eventually.

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