Submissions for Beginners

Submissions for Beginners

For beginning BJJ practitioners, it is always important to focus on the basics, but people always want to jump straight into submissions as soon as they start. For those people that are a little eager here are five simple submission you can train that will help you learn some of your positions as well. Most of these you will learn to do from guard first before trying them elsewhere, but guard is the most controlled position for most beginning BJJ rollers.

The armbar is the single most versatile move in BJJ since it can be done from almost anywhere, but we are talking about the basics today. From guard, you want to grab the lapel to bring your opponent close to you, and whatever arm you are going to attack you will put your foot in the same hip. You want to push off to rotate your body while using your other hand to hold onto the arm. Your other leg goes in your opponent’s armpit and the other leg comes around the head to finish this move. This should be drilled until you can do it without your hands and eyes closed.

Triangle Choke
There are a variety of set-ups for the triangle choke, but the easiest is to gain wrist control on your opponent and push one hand down as you pop your same side leg up and over their head. Grab your own ankle, take your other foot and push off on the hip to rotate your body, and then lock up the triangle. Take both hands and pull down on the back of the head to finish the choke.

Lapel Choke
There are many different lapel chokes, but the most effective is to grab with four fingers in with both hands. Make sure to grab opposite side lapels though, and grab deep nearly going behind the back of your opponent’s head and almost touching your hands. Pull your opponent into your body, turning the blades of your wrist into their neck, and curling to finish off the move and have your opponent tapping.

You need to get your opponent’s hands on the mat for this and your guard open, but once they are there grab the wrist of the arm you want to attack with the same side hand. Use your elbow on the arm that is holding to sit up and reach over with your other arm. Lock up your hand on the wrist of the hand that is already holding your opponent, drop back down to the mat shifting your hips out, and lock your guard back up while you are on your side. Lastly, pull your opponents arm up wrenching on their shoulder to finish the move. This is another submission that can be done in other positions, but is best to master from guard first.

Rear-Naked Choke
This is the only submission that cannot be done from guard; you have to have your opponent’s back to finish this move. With your legs snugly placed in your opponent’s groin, you have to fight to bring your arm across their face and underneath their neck. Bring your other arm up and grab the bicep with the arm that is underneath the chin. Next, bring your free hand to the other side of your opponent’s head, pull back with your arms, and puff out your chest like Superman. This should finish the move.

These are all the most basic forms of these moves. There are different variations and different positions that these can be pulled off from. Just master these in their simplest form, and they will be that much smoother when tried in different positions.

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