Tips and Tricks: Adressing The Grips Part 1

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Breaking grips is a fundamental part of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Whether it be from top, bottom, or even from the standing position, your opponent’s grips are going to be an important obstacle to overcome.

Today we are going to cover how to address the grips while you are inside of your opponent’s guard. Our primary objective in while in your opponent’s guard is to break the guard and pass to an advantageous position. The grips of a good guard player will hinder your ability to pass, but with a few simple grip breaks passing will become significantly easier.

There are several grips that a guard player can use to set up their sweeps and submissions. The most common grips are the cliffhanger, the pistol, the lapel, and the outside knee grips. The video below covers all these grips with the help of KRBJJ brown belt, Chazz Kellison. To learn more about me or Chazz visit or follow me on Twitter at

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