Tips and Tricks: The Defense-Offense Drill

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Defense is one of the most important aspects of a fighter’s overall game. It is a skill that, when done correctly, can frustrate your opponent. When an opponent is frustrated he or she leaves more openings for counters. I will be writing plenty of articles on defense in the future.

Today's article will be focusing on how to improve your defense through drilling. The drill in question is the defense-offense drill. This drill is one of my favorites, and it is great for working all of your defensive techniques. To perform the defense-offense drill one partner attacks while the other purely defends. The defender works on his or her footwork, slips, dips, parries, and any other defensive techniques in his or her arsenal. The attacker works new combinations that he or she may not feel comfortable using in live sparring. The drill is preformed at about 20 to 30 percent speed. Remember that this is not a live sparring session. Don't think of this drill as a competition. Think of it as an opportunity to learn and grow as a fighter. Concentrate on what you aren’t good at, so that you can use it in live sparring and competition.

Also, don't get too mad when the defender accidentally throws a counter shot. It is instinctual, and sometimes it just happens. Below is an example video of the defense-offense drill. Notice the speed that we are going, and pay attention to our movements. Since we are only going around 20 percent, we aren't too worried about trying new techniques. To learn more about my partner Harmeet Parmar or myself visit or follow me at

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