Tips and Tricks: The Gracie Stand Up

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One of the first stand ups ever taught to me was what my instructor calls, the Gracie stand up. It is the original variation that has been taught by the Gracie family since Brazilian Jiu-jitsu’s conception. It is still one of the most effective ways to stand up when you and your opponent have a little bit of distance in between the two of you.

The first step to performing the Gracie stand up is to sit up with one hand on the ground, and one sticking out in front of your face. The outward hand is meant to protect you from any incoming strikes, while the one of the ground is meant to lift your hip off the ground. One leg is bent while the other lays straight.

Once your hands are in place the next step is to use the grounded hand and bent leg to lift your hip off the ground. The next is to swing your body forward to kick the knee or leg. Then, swing your body the opposite way so that the kicking leg sets firmly behind your body. Bring both hands in front of your face while you safely come to your feet.

Above is a video that goes into greater detail. The Gracie stand up is an important technique to have, and is the beginning of all of the other techniques that you can use to safely get back to your feet. For more information on me visit or follow me on twitter at,

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