Tips and Tricks: The Jab

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The jab may also be used for offensive purposes as well. The jab is the ideal tool for setting up the rest of your power punches. Constant use of the jab keeps your opponent on the defensive and allows you to line up stronger shots, such as the left hook or right straight. It may also be used by the shorter fighter to jab their way in, effectively closing the distance to deliver short-distance strikes. Jabs are also versatile both in their direction and use. The jab can be used to affect the head, shoulders, chest, or body. All the fighter needs to do is change the elevation of their body, using their knees, and different shots become available.

The jab is also a simple punch to throw. The harder punches; such as the left hook or uppercut, tend to give newer students problems. The jab, on the other hand, is a basic punch that is often easy to learn.

The fighter starts by assuming a correct stance about shoulder length apart. Their hands are placed in front of the face with the jabbing hand slightly in front of the rear hand. The jab shoots out straight, twisting at the end to protect their face with the shoulder. The punch then retracts in a straight line back to its original position.

Below is a video with KRBJJ boxing coach, Greg Perris, detailing the finer points of the jab. To learn more about Greg Perris and KRBJJ visit

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