Top Five Biggest BJJ Matches Ever

Top Five Biggest BJJ Matches Ever

Not all big matches take place in the Octagon, and a lot of them even take place on the mat. Here are some of the biggest and best matches that have ever taken place in the world of BJJ.

#5 Eddie Bravo vs. Royler Gracie
This is the one submission that built an empire. Back in 2003, the Gracie name still held the prestige from the early UFC days, and they seemed unstoppable in the BJJ competition arena. That was until a relatively unknown Eddie Bravo submitted Gracie with a triangle. From there he went on to build an empire and fortune off the win.

#4 Ciao Terra vs. Jeff Glover
These are two fighters who have had multiple matches over the last few years. Glover has always be stymied in his pursuit of greatness in the Gi, but he is a great personality for the sport. This can be seen in one of the single greatest moments in BJJ match history where he turns standing, gives up his back to Terra, and effectively asks him to jump on. Not the smartest move ever, but it makes for a great open to a match he won.

#3 Marcus Buchecha vs. Rodolfo Vieira
These two have fought a ton of times and each one is as entertaining as the last. They have fought each other roughly six times apiece, and Vieira was very dominant in the early going submitting Buchecha three times in a row. That did not make Buchecha give up though, because in the last three matches he has stormed back to win all three by points. There next eventual matchup should be an entertaining one.

#2 Randy Couture vs. Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza
As good as Souza is at MMA, he was an absolute phenom on the mats. He was a true monster in BJJ, and he had only two MMA matches before facing Couture in a submission grappling match during one of his many retirements. Couture used his size advantage to keep the match a draw, but it was a good match that showed Souza’s potential for his eventual run in MMA.

#1 Helio Gracie vs. Masahiko Kimura
That name Kimura is not there by accident. That is right, the inventor of the Kimura took on the grandfather of BJJ in a match. Not only was it entertaining, but it was awe-inspiring watching two legends face off in their relative prime. Kimura eventually locked up his signature move and broke Gracie’s arm, and while all the footage does not exist, what does exist is a great watch.

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