UFC Gym Copperfield - 08/13/15

UFC Gym Copperfield - 08/13/15

We visited the UFC Gym in the Copperfield neighborhood of Houston, TX and found a new team of grapplers growing quickly. On any typical Thursday afternoon you can find this team learning from coach Ken Alfaro. We first met Ken Alfaro as a member of the Darkside, but he has recently landed a coaching job at the UFC gym along with some other good coaches. This is just the beginning, but watching Ken coach you can see that the team members hang on every detail Ken has to share.

As we watched the team free roll you could see that the team is well on its way to learning the art of this ground game we all love. Another coach that also joined the team is the wrestling star Ashley De Leon to whom we hope to cover soon. Big thanks to Ken Alfaro for the invite and the owner Steve Hernandez for welcoming us so warmly into his gym. We will be dropping in on UFC Copperfield as the months go by to see the team grow and we really hope to see these members at the tournaments.

UFC Gym Copperfield
8538 Hwy 6 N, Houston, TX 77095
(281) 241-4282

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Posted by MMAWIN.com onĀ Saturday, August 15, 2015

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