Victor Pozas - Night of NO-GI

Victor Pozas - Night of NO-GI

As MMAWIN explores more of the Texas scene we have been hearing about a NO-GI specialist name Victor Pozas. Known for his leg-locks and other lower body submissions we just had to see what was going on at his school. The decor of the school is monstrous and dark with the coolest tunes hyping up the class. Students dressed in black and white shoot for arm drags and hook each others limbs in every twisted way possible.

Victor Pozas shows a move and the students drill it until it is second nature.

I am not even going to describe the whole situation there because I want to do a video profile of Victor and his school but I will tell you "It is pretty kick ass!".

Victor Pozas Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
17440 W Little York Rd, Houston, Texas

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