Vulkan Ultra Light Gi Navy Blue

Vulkan Ultra Light Gi Navy Blue

So I have been wearing the Vulkan Ulta Light Gi for a month and a half now. I did enjoy it compared to other gi I have trained in but… Where there is good, there is still bad. It is about 3 lbs, very light, very comfortable and great for tournament weigh in. The website said the gi is made of honey comb woven fabric and rubber lapel to make it lighter. The material is very soft but tough as if it was double woven gi, giving the gi durability from being pull, looped, and stretched while not being ripped. The material sounds great, right? Not exactly, not only is it beneficial to you but your opponent as well. Wearing this gi, you give your opponent the best firm grip they will ever have on you. With the sweat and moisture in the gi, it will stretch instead of breaking their grip… Its pointless having a material that soft and durable when your opponent will abuse it more then you will. But the gi is not thick and is very light, it provided me with more air circulation, less heat trapped in the gi, and a breeze through my body, that kept me cooler and my cardio running longer.

Now I wear an A3 in most gis. I still have to wash and shrink them down. The ways I wash my gis is in cold water, and dry in high heat. After drying to my preferred length, I hang them dry afterwards. Vulkan Gis are known to be pre-shrunk and from other users, they do not shrink. I wash and dry to my length… It didn’t make a difference, since as soon as I started to sweat and training, it stretches back to what it originally was.

The pant fit perfectly, comfortable, and durable. The top is really big and felt like an A4. It wrapped around me too much and because the lapels are rubbers, the lapels are very stiff. There is a lot of extra slack and gave my opponent easy access to my gi, in which I was easily tugged and pulled.

Suggestion and Recommendation:
If you are planning to get this gi, I would recommend it in one size smaller then you usually wear. Although it is great for making weight, I would not recommend wearing it during a tournament because it would give your opponent more of an advantage on gripping than for you. The gi air circulation gives it the ideal training gi. Rating my experiences on a scale of 5, I’ll give it a 3 out of 5 for an average score.
But… I’m only a blue belt and if you don’t like my take on it… Give it a try yourself! Its only $154.98 at the Vulkan website!

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