What to Pack for a BJJ Competition

What to Pack for a BJJ Competition

A lot of times people do not pack the right equipment for a BJJ tournament, and they end up with a disqualification instead of a medal. It is always important to pack at least two Gis, because tournament officials may deem one the wrong color, too long, it could be too heavy on the scales, and the worst is it rips during the tournament and you need a backup. Also, it is important to bring snacks and water in case your group gets pushed back, a jacket in case it is cold, and anything else to calm your nerves between and before matches like an ipod for music.

When packing all this stuff it could be hard to get it into your bag, but if you know how to fold a Gi it will be super easy. Here are two methods on how to fold Gis, and one will be used when there is no extra room in a bag for two.

Roll Method
First, lay the Gi nice and flat on a hard surface like a table or the floor. Make sure the lapels are facing up, and that the Gi is free of wrinkles or creases.

Next, fold the pants over so the belt loops and drawstring are tucked in. Then place the pants in the Gi jacket with the waist at the top. Staying even with the edge of the pants take one side(left or right) and fold the jacket on top of itself. The sleeve hangs over but double it back for a tight fit.

Repeat the same step for the opposite site, and this should leave you with everything the width of the folded pants. The cuffs of the pants should hangout the jacket; take the excess pants and fold them on top of the Gi jacket. Continue folding until the Gi is in a roll.

Lastly, take your Gi belt and place it underneath your rolled Gi. Cross the belt so you can keep the Gi roll tight, and turn the belt and run it the lengthwise so you are left with a cross on the top and bottom of the roll. Repeat the process with the belt, so you are not left with a really long belt off your rolled jacket.

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