Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

From the second you walk into Victor Pozas' academy you know you're not in a traditional academy.

Nogi instructor Victor Pozas shows some amazing leg attacks from a reverse De La Riva.

Ulpiano Malachias hit a sweep straight into leg drag, all set up from the spider guard!


As MMAWIN explores more of the Texas scene we have been hearing about a NO-GI specialist name Victor Pozas.

Inacio Neto shows his favorite Omoplata set up from De La Riva guard.

Ulpiano Malachias from Gracie Barra Westchase shows his favorite attack when pulling into 50/50.


Professor Inacio Neto Seminar at Gracie Barra Katy.

Not enough can really be said about Xandre Ribeiro.

Ulpiano Malachias shows a slick back-take when your opponent tries a double under pass.

Servando reacts when an aggressive opponent gets a strong grip on his lapel.