brazilian jiu-jitsu

Ulpiano Malachias shows a slick back-take when your opponent tries a double under pass.

Servando reacts when an aggressive opponent gets a strong grip on his lapel.

Checkmat champion, Lucas Leite, whose half guard has been the bane of all competitors in his bracket, talks with about his life as the head of Checkmat headquarters in the United States.

Easily one of the most recognizable faces of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kurt Osiander has become a worldwide sensation through his brutal honesty, profanity, and awesome personality.

As the first American Black Belt produced by Gracie Barra, as well as the second American black belt to close out at Worlds, Alberto Crane is used to making history.

Professor Cobrinha is one of the most accomplished competitors in the history of BJJ, with gold medals in the most prestigious championships in the world.

Servando shows a throw when his opponent stands up after a failed high crotch attempt.

A nice takedown if the lasso leg gets loose!

Servando continues his counters with a gator roll.

Passing the half guard when our arms are free.