The benefits of living a martial arts lifestyle boast a wide range from internal to external. For Houston MMA fighter Cody Owens, they save him from a vicious downward spiral.


Garcia Promotions and Fury 7 put on a heck of a card Saturday, and for those who missed it, you missed out.

Servando Almaraz and Mike Trinh work takedowns from the cage! sits down with UFC fighter Carlos Diego Ferreira and talks about his past, his transition from world class Jiu Jitsu competitor to MMA fighter, and his advice to those trying to make it to the next level.

Is this the new advantage for recovery and training for MMA fighters?

Daniel Lopez, from, had his first ever Jeet Kune Do class at TX 3rd Coast MMA, and it was awesome!


Legacy Challenger Series was a great night of fights. With stoppages for all but one of the bouts, 5 out of 8 in the first round, the crowd got their money's worth of excitement. visits Michael Dominguez and his camp, Ballnone. With unorthodox training methods, Mike has produced some vicious and loyal fighters, grabbing the attention of the striking scene in Houston in the process.


Cage Combat 19 by Garcia Promotions packed the Humble Civic Center March 13, 2015 with fight fans and fighters.

Houston MMA fighter Gusavo Gomez found an outlet with martial arts, and his dedication to it helped turn his life around for the best.