muay thai

Coach Franco starts off the week with a proper Muay Thai kick!

Oliver finishes the week off with more work in the clinch!

Coach Oliver works out of the clinch for Part 2 of Technique of the Week!

Coach Oliver starts off the week with a counter to the hook. Use this one in your game, strikers!

Oliver finishes off his series with the 1,2, inside leg kick, switch kick. Very nice, Oliver!

Alyssa Cantu is making quite a name for herself so jumped at the opportunity to get to know this rising star.

Oliver returns with a spinning elbow! This is a nice set up with the jab.

Coach Oliver starts the week off with a nice combination.This one is really nice for changing the levels on your opponent.

Houston Muay Thai fighter, Oliver Jimenez, is a great example of how martial arts can give focus to one's life.

Coach Franco gives us a nice elevation change up in this combo. Perfect for setting up a devastating leg kick!