profile jumped at the opportunity to interview UFC fighter Rafael Natal, as he trains for his fight under Professor Draculino at Gracie Barra Texas.

Traveling from San Antonio to Houston on a weekly basis and training 3 times a day is not a normal life for the average person, but Chris Lopez is not your average person. had the chance to sit down with Alex Morono as he prepares for his upcoming match in Legacy Kickboxing.

Babak has been doing wrestling for over 25 years now. He's been to the highest level of competition in the world, making the Olympic team for Iran in the 2004 Olympics, and has been competing against adults since age of 15.

Alyssa Cantu is making quite a name for herself so jumped at the opportunity to get to know this rising star. paid a visit to Jared Chaffee and Gracie Barra Magnolia this week.

Houston Muay Thai fighter, Oliver Jimenez, is a great example of how martial arts can give focus to one's life.

David Acosta is humble, respectful, and polite, but as soon as the bell rings he becomes one of the most formidable o

If you write off Bee Nguyen as just another female athlete, you are doing her a great disservice. There is something special about Bee.


I recently had a friendly BJJ match with Servando Almaraz in which we shot a video of and called it MMAWIN Victory 1. At the time of our match I was 300 pounds of blue belt blubber so I vowed to change this.