When Bruno Bastos talked about Paying the Price in his video, I immediately thought of Brandon Mullins. The Nogi World Champion is the epitome of hard work and discipline.

It may seem strange to think that Midland, Tx and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu go hand in hand, but when you step through the doors at Bruno Bastos BJJ, you are entering one of the best schools in Texas.

Starting from word of mouth lessons in his dad's garage to the successful academy he owns and operates today, Travis

Professors Robert Yamashita and Julian Vega are no strangers to competition.

MMA Win follows Mike Trinh as he prepares for his fight against David Acosta at Legacy FC 37 on November 14th.

The Soliz family is the backbone to Tx 3rd Coast MMA.

A good Jiu-Jitsu program will naturally attract fun and good people to be around.

This past week MMAWin was invited to Angleton, Tx, home of Team Tank Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Fort Bend Wrestling.


Jeff and Veronica Messina of Revolution Dojo located in Katy, Texas are amongst a breed of brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioners that always have a solid following at competitions.

If you have been to the major Jiu-Jitsu tournaments around the world then you probably have seen Alex Martins fight a