Originally from Queens, Dulani "Karate Dulani" Perry moved to Houston in 2009 with nothing but ambition and the will to succeed. We interview him to see where he is today and learn what his goals are.


One person dedicated to teaching authentic American style catch wrestling is Jon Strickland.

Servando counters the shot with a pin!

Servando counters the shot when his opponent gets an arm around his leg.

Servando shows a good strategy to winning the back in a scramble.

Servando counters the shot by switching to the cradle.

On January 31st and February 1st, Bee Nguyen and Bam Bam MMA hosted their first Submission Wrestling workshop for women of all levels of grappling skills.

Servando sets up a low single and a double leg from a sprawl.

Servando shows a throw when his opponent stands up after a failed high crotch attempt.

Servando continues his counters with a gator roll.