Servando continues his series on counters, this time by controlling the chin and arm.

Servando begins a new series on counters, beginning with an arm drag to take the back.

Servando finishes his ankle pick series by attacking the opposite ankle.

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Coach Servando continues his series on the ankle pick. This option is a great follow up to last week's technique.

Coach Servando begins a series using the ankle pick!

Servando sets us up for the low single!

Coach Servando attacks from the clinch. Here's a nice way to get takedown points and end up in the mount!

Babak has been doing wrestling for over 25 years now. He's been to the highest level of competition in the world, making the Olympic team for Iran in the 2004 Olympics, and has been competing against adults since age of 15.

Servando shows us a variation of the duck under.