Olympic Wrestler Babak Nourzad shows a textbook fireman's carry.

Coach Servando begins a new series involving the duck under!

Coach Servando continues his lesson in countering the single leg. This counter is especially effective in stopping the takedown and scoring points.

Servando shows us the counter to the single leg that he has been demonstrating for the past few lessons. This counter is especially effective when our opponent is in tight on the leg.

Finishing the single leg when our partner has the whizzer.

Servando shows how to pick someone up from the single leg when they stiff arm you.

Servando finishes the single leg when our opponent turns away.

Servando continues his lecture on the single leg and shows us what to do when the opposite leg is out of reach.

Servando Almaraz of Gracie Barra Westchase in Houston, TX shows how to do the single leg when your opponent had their opposite leg forward.

Servando shows us how to react when our opponent blocks the double leg!