Tips And Tricks: The Triangle

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The triangle is one of the premier submissions from the guard position. It is a versatile submission that has a wide variety of different setups and finishes. The triangle is widely used by many MMA fighters as a way to be dangerous off the bottom. Active guard fighters will find that adding the triangle choke to your arsenal will greatly increase the efficiency of his or her offensive guard game.

Like all submissions, the triangle begins with its setup technique. The setup I am going over today is the simple push through technique from an MMA perspective. You are going to use your opponents ground and pound attempt to control his posture, to set up the triangle.

When the Opponent throws a hooking punch you can counter him by using your legs to pull him close, while using the “answering the phone” block. To perform this block, tightly grip the back of your own head, while turning to the side. This way you take the shot on your bicep, rather than your face. Once the strike is blocked, overhook the arm to secure it in place.

The next step is to grab the back of your opponents head tightly, and pull his or her head to your chest. This allows us to control your opponent’s posture, and sets up the next step in the technique. To regain his or her posture, the opponent will often push at our ribs to regain some space, which would make it easier for him or her to escape the overhook. When the opponent pushes at your ribs, grab the wrist and force it to his or her chest.

Once the wrist is firmly against the opponent’s chest the next step is to open your legs and pass the wrist through. Your leg should be over the shoulder of the wrist you just passed through your legs. The other arm, along with your opponents head, should be in between your legs.

To finish the triangle reach for your shin before opening your legs. This allows you to control your opponent’s posture while your legs are open. Then use the open leg to push off your opponent’s hip, effectively creating an angle. Next lock up the triangle, and pull down on the head.

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