Glory Kickboxing 50 – Chicago 02-16-2018

Glory 50 Chicago Results Undercard:Reginald Ledford def. Hugo’s Serrano via unanimous decisionRobert Lee def. Jon Crocello via unanimous decisionJimmy Do def. Dominique Jefferson via unanimous decisionMatt Zilch def. Nam Ho via unanimous decisionAdam Edgerton def. Connor Waddell via split decisionMatthew Paul def. Robert Morrow via 2nd round KOCatchweight:Diego Llamas def. Justin Houghton via TKO in the1st round Welterweight:Omari Boyd def. Danny Morales via split decisionOmar … Continue reading Glory Kickboxing 50 – Chicago 02-16-2018

Olympia Watts

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu brown belt Olympia Watts trains along side of an array of other talented athletes under professor Vinicius “Draculino” Magalhaes at Gracie Barra Texas. We spoke with Olympia and asked here about how she started in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and what it is like for her to live the bjj lifestyle. For more information about Gracie Barra Texas please visit their website. Gracie Barra TexasFollow … Continue reading Olympia Watts

Dulani “Karate Dulani” Perry

Originally from Queens, Dulani moved to Houston in 2009 with nothing but ambition and the will to succeed. He comes from a well-educated background but grew up in a neighborhood that forced him to try harder than most. Coming from a place like New York City his competitive nature is completely understandable; he had to hustle for everything he’s accomplished. MMA, for him, would come … Continue reading Dulani “Karate Dulani” Perry