Dulani “Karate Dulani” Perry

Originally from Queens, Dulani moved to Houston in 2009 with nothing but ambition and the will to succeed. He comes from a well-educated background but grew up in a neighborhood that forced him to try harder than most. Coming from a place like New York City his competitive nature is completely understandable; he had to hustle for everything he’s accomplished. MMA, for him, would come … Continue reading Dulani “Karate Dulani” Perry

Will Morris

We recently had the opportunity to visit one of the nicest training facilities in Houston area named O Athletik to interview Will Morris. As an amateur Muay Thai and MMA fighter Will gives us his outlook on his career hopes as well as a glimpse into one of his classes at O Athletik available for members. We look forward to following Will Morris and his path to … Continue reading Will Morris