Gracie Barra Katy In The Cage

Yesterday I decided to go snap some shots of the fighters training up at Gracie Barra Katy. Lauren Murphy, Terrance Ferguson, Chris Mango, Jaison Howard and Ryan Sheehan were amongst the people training coached by 3rd degree black belt Professor Ted Stickel.

The fighters were training in the cage most of the time but I also caught some shots of the daytime Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class when I arrived.

Professor Ted shows Terrance an escape.

Big man feeding Ryan Sheehan the leather!

Jaison ready to set the arm bar.

These guys are dead tired but keep training!

Jaison Howard and Bubba going at it.

Ryan Sheehan happy about his side control position

Caught this photo of the team yelling “Gracie Barra!!!” as they finished training.