Muay Thai Kingdom 6

It was an exciting night at Houston Muay Thai for the Muay Thai Kingdom VI put together by Michael “Chase” Corley. Houston’s local fighters proved why this sport is growing rapidly in this state. Last night’s card included two junior bouts as well as two female bouts. The chance to represent the U.S.A. in the 17th IFMA World Champtionships 2016 Sweden was on the line for the fighters of the main event.

Several fighters won by TKO including Houston Muay Thai’s own Erin McNeill. Zachery Stetson was not able to continue the second round against Christian Turner of Revolution Dojo. Valerie Sanchez of Muay Thai Corner put on a stellar perfomance giving her a win against Emilee Nyborg.

The main event of the night included Martin Rodriguez of Revolution Dojo v Jose Espinoza representing Houston Muay Thai. These two young men delivered the audiance an action packed performance that had them on their feet chanting. From elbow throws to cartwheel kicks, this fight did not disappoint. Many times the fighters fell out of the ring and were caught by referees and coaches. This fight gave Houstonians more reason to come out and support their local fighters. Martin Rodriguez won giving him the opportunity to compete for the title of IFMA World Champtionship. This young man in determined to bring home the belt to Houston!

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